Ideal Properties

We both can benefit in having a business relationship. In the event certain appliances break down, we are able to purchase appliances at bulk prices. This does not mean that every time the appliances will be cheap, but it will mean that certain delivery and take away charges, including installation charges maybe waived from the vendor (savings in total cost to you). Additionally, our work crew are all independent contractors. This means that we can either use your suggested workmen or our selected workmen. Furthermore, when properties are old, there are times when maintenance repairs are more prevalent than another property. Therefore, when you least expect an emergency to occur, it truly occurs. While we recognize this aspect in management, we have 24-hour digital pagers and cellular service. Our staff is available during normal business hours and we are available and cover the after normal business hours for emergencies (including holidays). Our experience in handling emergencies are routine. Therefore, if an emergency should occur and such large repairs are necessary, we can readily call a repairmen to correct the problem. Our repairmen, just like yours are loyal, trustworthy and capable of doing the repair. However, the biggest fear when this type of problem occurs is the honesty of overcharging. In the event you do not have a repairmen available, we are certain that our repairmen will not overcharge or pad the bill. As for renovation of properties, especially apartment buildings, we have done such work before. We are capable of rehabilitating each apartment unit and coordinating with the tenants for either relocation or move-in/move-out functions. Finally, we can assure you that we are honest and do not receive any “kick-back” in moneys by hiring our independent contractors.